I'll Never Sleep Again

by Birds & Batteries

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released August 27, 2007

Written and produced by Mike Sempert



all rights reserved


Birds & Batteries San Francisco, California

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Track Name: I'll Never Sleep Again
I'm not tired
I'm alive
And I'm wondrin'
How to stay that way
'Cause I was young once
I could be young again
I'll cast out in a small boat
With a wooden fin
And I'll never sleep again
I'll stay up all night
Just to stay alive
I could take a late walk
Through sunken countrysides
Past the old docks
Past the harbor lights
Under rusty fishing boats
Rock through the night
I'll never sleep again
No, I'll never sleep again
Track Name: A Passenger
When I'm haunted
By the ghost of me
I think I see him in our towns and cities
And in our jungles
In a war of vines
The world against itself
We could drag a steam boat
right through the trees
and never sleep again
Oh… Here comes the mud
And it's filling our houses
A rooftop is a vessel
And a man is just a passenger
A room is a vessel now
And a man is just a vessel
Track Name: Ocarina
A song will help us reconstruct the time we had
The ocarina, it's never let me down
And when the world goes under water, swamps will rise
Stay with me
We feel the water in our sinking shoes
It's under water now, and into the night we go with everyone
Give me a song to remember the world by
Play it on
The Ocarina
And late at night we used to sneak around the aquarium
The shark tank gives a half-light, and you're next to me
The sadness of polar bears and the ecstasy
Of breaking and entering, oceanography
You're like a summer, a never-ending summer when the best days are long
You're like a summer, a never-ending summer when the best days are long
There was a summer that came before the fall
Track Name: After A Flood
Take off your shoes and lay them next to mine
They've carried you far enough
I'll get you yours and then I'll get me mine
We've been walking through the mud one at a time
Take all the leaves and bring them in the house
And in the hall so we can see
Soaked through, they'll stick to the hardwood floor
I think they belong with you and me
Take off your shoes and lay them next to mine
They've carried you far enough
Down in the mines you have strived alone
We're gonna shine the diamond in the rough
Track Name: Star Clusters
Stars cannot harbor their substance forever
But must return a portion of it to the medium from which they formed
Stars cannot harbor their substance forever
but must return a portion of it to the space around them
Stars that were born together stay together for a while
in associations known as star clusters
Out there in the open
Where the big things happen slowly
I can feel it coming towards me
I'm like a skater in a crack the whip
Track Name: Turnstyles
Graduation was bleak, and I was drunk enough to speak
So I offered you a haircut: your mohawk was looking sad enough
You said you liked it that way
We shrugged it off, we said ok
I'm finding out, every time, that I shine a brand new dime
Or when I go through the turnstiles and the tokens cycle back again
The tokens cycle back again
They carry cakes in boxes, those slippery old foxes
Sliding under fences and running into rainy intersections
And dodging yellow traffic, the drivers blinded by red flashes
And I'm thinking about your haircut, wishing I had some tattoos
Maybe then you'd let me cut your hair while whistling the blues
I've covered up all the bases and I've left all stones well turned
And I've built expensive bridges just to let them all get burned
And now the bandits and the farmers will have to wait their turn
You're mine for the taking, and the tokens cycle back again
The tokens cycle back again
Track Name: The Squeaky Wheel
The squeaky wheel gets the oil
The squeaky wheel gets the oil
Make a sound while you toil
The squeaky wheel gets the oil
And when you're down on your luck—and rusty
Well nobody's gonna give a fuck—just let me know
You just have to let me know
The squeaky wheel says so
And when you're down on your knees
And you're aiming to please
Make a sound for me baby
The squeaky wheel…
Yes make a sound just for me
Make a sound and then you'l see
It's the only way I know
How to give you my sympathy
The squeaky wheel gets the oil
The squeaky wheel gets the oil
To the victor, the spoils
The squeaky wheel gets the oil
And when you're down in the hush
Of a jungle, green and lush
You can hear the mating call
The squeaky wheel gets it all
Track Name: Soft Surveillance
n the lakes and in the canyons
All the states wrapped into one
All those shapes like origami
Colorado, Oregon
All the wash could be remembered
The soft surveillance of laundry loads
And every mile that passes under
The lowest highways and country roads
And all the fires of industry
The things we had forgotten
Well they're coming back to me
Running down the dunes
Blazing trails through Appalachia
All the trucks of Tokyo
And all my blue jeans are dying
Telecasts from Mexico
New glory days are here again
They bring me back to something
That I felt once in a dream
Running down the dunes
And tumbling towards the sea
In the lakes and in the canyons
Years of footage down the drain—and a curse of metal
Sinking down to the bottom
Where it lives forever in our hearts
Track Name: Humanization
Humanization, oh yeah, humanization
Humanization, that's what we need
Now tell me a story about a nation
With numbers and families, you better round down
Walking home on a map
Just walking home on a map
Satellites could track our footsteps
Pixels and grains of sand
Soon enough the stuff of life will be precisely contained
Every leaf
Its every gesture
Sealed and filed away
There is a code
Coincidence holds the truth inside itself
Atlantic blue and digital pictures
We'll bring us back somehow
Deep in the hall of records
The documents and documenters
Press record
It will all be stored
Sealed and filed away
Track Name: Mythology (The Great Director)
In the land of the landslides, flash floods and valleys of stars
People are drinking in alleys and kissing in bars
We wear suits sewn with gold lace, brass straps and nylon guitars
And it's good to be a mariachi, we work hard
Five wives and a hundred lifetimes
And a Mexico-goldrush-execution
Federales will always win
But the bandits will choose to get shot with their hats on
You fought in the second world war and you quake at the memory
Of one one-armed salute
As you wade on to certain death
Using celluloid to capture flesh
The great director
Your father and you
Well you're the best of friends, and Humphrey Bogart too
Old collaborators
Drinking whiskey with cast and crew
Discovering women who become icons
There's monkeys in your hotel room
They've strewn shit about but you keep them around
You've got eyes that light up around horses
And you lead the hunt every time
You have proven yourself as a boxer
But you always wanted to be a great painter
As long as you've got a song in your heart
All your cameras could fall apart
As long as you've got a song in your heart